Bubblegum heart

Ha,ha,ha it's a long story


I know we all want the seven to come out alive by the end of the series but, please, think about two other names….




I don’t think I could handle it. Not again.


I…I just realized…
After “Blood of Olympus” comes out, there’ll be no more Percy Jackson.
No more destroying monsters, no more running, no more demigods…
And his, and his friend’s, stories will come to a conclusion.

Reblog if you’ll remember Percy Jackson’s legacy.
His story may end, but it’ll never be forgotten.

  • Friend/Teacher: What did you do this summer?
  • Me: Joined a volleyball team
  • Me: Went to swimming regionals
  • Me: Joined a clan of assassins
  • Me: Got rejected as a manga artist, and joined show biz instead
  • Me: Fell in love with a childhood friend, but he changed his name and rejected me
  • Me: Worked in a junk shop and got hit on by a rich 19 year old
  • Me: Fell in love with a shoujo manga artist
  • Me: Moved to a rural island to work on calligraphy
  • Me: Won the nine schools magic competition
  • Friend/Teacher: ...